Platte County Community Center North

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Platte City, MO

Larkin Aquatics was responsible for designing the natatorium additions to the two Platte County Community Centers.
The expansion at the North facility will include two additional bodies of water: a competition pool and therapy pool. The competition pool will be 8-lane x 25-yard with an option to increase the pool to 25-meters. The therapy pool will have sloped entry, a resistance river and a large area for water aerobics classes. During non-exercise scheduling blocks the therapy pool can be used for recreational swimming.

Facility Amenities

  • Competition pool
  • Eight 25-yard long lanes
  • Dual 1-meter diving stands
  • Therapy pool
  • Zero-depth entry
  • Resistance river
  • Vortex pool
  • Exercise area
  • Basketball goal

“Larkin is exceptional to work with from the beginning stages of a project through opening day. The foremost reason being, they approach a project as a unified Team consisting of the Owner, Designer and Contractor. ”

– Fritz Caspar, Executive VP - Carrothers Construction